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Styling Services 

Re-discover your confidence with our styling services! These services are all about understanding your colouring and body type to build a wardrobe you'll love. We specialize in creating capsule wardrobes: a collection of essential, timeless pieces that seamlessly mix and match, tailored to your preferences and lifestyle. We work with you to suggest looks and styles that empower you while focusing on your taste, body type, and budget. Once you understand what to look for when shopping, you will save time and money while also refreshing your style with each season. Are you ready to start your journey towards a wardrobe you adore and the confidence that comes with it?


Our services are for everyone including full-figures and those building their gender affirming wardrobe.

Edmonton stylist, personal shopper, stylist, plus size, wedding planner

The Confidence Boost

Let's get back to basics and learn about you and your body! This is the starting point for all styling services because it's not just about colours, fits, or fabrics; it's about boosting your confidence when you look into the mirror.

What To Expect:

  • A consultation to learn about your lifestyle, current style, fashion identity, challenges with your existing wardrobe, fashion goals, body type, and budget

  • A personal colour analysis 

  • A personal body type analysis

  • A custom digital look-book over 100 pages which includes:  

    • The new you | Identifying  your brand and how to achieve the look

    • Colour me happy |  Using your colour analysis, we will show you how to use colours to highlight your natural beauty

    •  Apples, peaches, pears and plums |   Understanding how to dress for your body type with classic fits and styles

    • New year, new me | Colour and trend forecasting for the current and upcoming year

    • Classic capsule | Ivory & Marnier’s 29-piece capsule wardrobe

    • I woke up like this | Being body positive & embracing yourself 

    • I’m lost | Our recommendations on where to shop

    • The digital age | How to online shop successfully

    • Make it last | How to care for your new wardrobe

    • Ready to wear? | Identifying the importance of tailoring, mending and preventative care

    • Strike a pose | quick tips on how to pose in photos to showcase your awesome looks, and killer body!

  • ​​Discounted rates on one-on-one shopping



In-person-  $255.00

Virtual- $155.00


Treat yourself and your partner, bestie, or loved one to this incredible experience! 

In-person -  $410.00

Edmonton stylist, personal shopper, stylist, plus size, wedding planner

One-on-one Shopping

Enjoy a private shopping trip with a professional stylist.

What To Expect:

  • A telephone or virtual consultation to learn about your shopping goals and budget

  • A custom itinerary at your shopping location of choice (mall, boutique, thrift shop, department store, bridal wear etc.) 

  • Private one-on-one shopping with a stylist who will pull items and assist in the fitting rooms

  • Tips and tricks to make shopping stress-free 

  • Shopping day budget management  


$65.00 per hour, two hour minimum

Receive a 15% discount on one-on-one shopping by pairing this service with "The Confidence Boost" 

Edmonton stylist, personal shopper, stylist, plus size, wedding planner

Wardrobe Edit
Most people only wear 20% of their closets 80% of the time, let's create a wardrobe you enjoy wearing 100% of the time!

​What to Expect:​​

  • A  3 hour in-house service which will include: 

    • An action plan to determine your wardrobe goals

    • Assistance in identifying and sorting the clothing: love it, hate it, tailor it, donate it 

    • Assistance in styling your wardrobe 

    • Wardrobe organization  

    • Tips and tools to keep your closet organized and tidy

    • Donation drop-off of unneeded, gently-used items to a local charity



Additional hours time can be booked at $65.00 per hour and do not need to be used on the same day

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