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Benefits of a Bridal Dresser 
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Your wedding day will be full of excitement and nervous anticipation. The last thing you want to worry about is itty bitty buttons, fragile beading, dainty bows, delicate lace, or securing a corset. It is a relief to hand the responsibility of dressing the bride to a professional so that you and your loved ones can relax and enjoy themselves.

As you plan the wedding you have always dreamed of, you will find yourself assembling your team of professionals. The last thing you want to do is overlook a professional who will ensure all aspects of your bridal fashion are just as perfect!

Your Dresser will solely focus on your wedding day attire, which includes all preparation needed for the special day. We work with you to protect your investment in your wedding planner and photograher by allowing them to focus on logistical details instead of any fashion emergencies or complex dressing issues.

Your bridal Dresser is on-hand to address any fashion-related emergencies and will handle anything that comes your way, including:

Steaming gowns
Affixing corsets
Setting your bustle
Placing your train and veil
Fastening buttons and tying bows
Fixing minor rips and tears
Removing stains and spots
Adhering broken zippers

We can even help dress the groom, your wedding party and loved ones! 

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